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30 Responses to HDTV4Less.com

  1. kaleo says:

    My wife just bought me the M550NV and I friccen love it!!!! Might by a 32″ tomorrow!!

  2. marco says:

    Your prices are great thank you

  3. boady says:

    If you have purchased a TV from me, and would like to comment on your purchase, Please feel free to do so on here, But if you have a question for me, Please call me at 760-579-1515 or e-mail me at hdtv4less@cox.net
    Thanks, Randy

    • Diego Gapuz says:

      Thanks for 42″ led tv. It’s very awesome

      • Ed says:

        Just bought a 47″ led tv a couple of weeks ago from Randy, well…..Randy, I LOVE IT!! Can’t beat the prices, and I’ve been researching for a tv for awhile. Then you added the sound bar, which made the deal alot sweeter and hdmi cables. Thanks and will refer you to friends about your place!

    • ken says:

      Bought 55″ year and half ago still works great price

  4. Randy Tripp says:

    Just picked a second TV, 47″ from Randy. Last time was a 37″ by my brother, this time a 47″ for my family. Great picture and price! I have recommended HDTV for Less and Randy many times and will continue to do so!

  5. Manuel says:

    I highly recommend purchasing a HDTV from HDTV4Less.com. I absolutely love my 47″ TruLED that I purchased in August! Thanks, again Randy!

  6. Michael says:

    I’ve purchased 5 Vizio’s from Randy over the past 2 years. I end up giving them to friends and family and just purchasing more since Randy’s prices and quality cannot be beaten. If you’re searching for a reliable high quality HDTV for less money then you need to visit Randy. Rest assured Randy will replace your TV if you should ever encounter a problem but it’s rare since these TV’s are in great condition. Don’t be a fool and pay recycling fees, taxes, and high prices in the store call Randy.

  7. John M. Figueroa says:

    Bougth 5 tvs last year from Randy, and i’ll be buying a 3d soon, great prices. Thanks RANDY.

  8. hector says:

    It was worth The drive to get My New 47′ LED TV …………SICK ASS TV thanks for The good deal randy!!

  9. jose garcia says:

    randy great deals , no problems what so ever!!!!!! your prices rock

  10. raymond rankins says:

    I bought the 55″ E550VL back june of 2012 and love it…if i can find one of his 32″ flat screens on sale for this christmas I’ll buy it from randy…great prices on a great tv…thanks randy

  11. ceasar says:

    recommend this guy to everyone, bought many tvs from him and had no problem!

    • richard says:

      I recommend this guy to everyone also.His tv’s are awsum.I bought a 47″lcd 3d. I had no problems and the tv works great.Rember,when you get the tv home and set it up,”turn off all the setting features that mess up the picture and professionally adjust the colors,temps and so on.

  12. Glenn says:

    Bought a 42″ vizio from Randy. After the TV was on for an hour or so the screen would go black. I called Randy, he said bring it back. He was happy to swap it. Great price, service and product.

  13. Deb H says:

    We really have had great luck with the TVs we have purchased through Randy. Thanks so much Randy!!!!!

  14. Chuck Gerson says:

    I have purchased over 15 TVs over the past few yr for my rentals and I must say I have had no problems at all, Randy takes care of me every time. Thanks for everything Randy.

  15. Ivan says:

    all the tv’s in my house i have bought from Randy. Cant beat the prices he offers. What i love the most is that he still offers u a 1 year warranty for the tv. Everytime i know someone is looking for a tv i send them ur way

  16. Dennis says:

    Randy you are the best. 2 years ago I got the awesome Vizio 55″ and it’s still brilliant. Every single person that sees it says wow what a picture. I can’t say enough and NOW both moms can’t wait to get new TV’s.

    Randy you are the……can’t do it. Way too over used. Thank you my brother.


  17. Henry says:

    I bought a 42inch years ago and it has been perfect even till now.. me and my wife is looking to buy another from him

  18. Tiffany says:

    Randy is awesome… Bought my 1st TV from him in February and my family has been very pleased! I will buy from him again… Plus, I’ve just referred a friend. 🙂

  19. Chris says:

    My experience buying a tv from Randy was excellent. I bought one of his 55inch models, with a wall mount, and a sound bar. Everything works great, and Randy is fully accomdating to his customers. I was running late and called him when I got there. He was just leaving to go get dinner for his kids when I called. He turned around, took care of the matter in a few minutes and I was on my way. Straight forward sale, comes with a year warranty, honest man, best prices around. Highly recommended!

  20. Randy T says:

    I took my brother Glenn to get a 70″ Vizio from Randy on Saturday. The picture is great and it works very well. Randy cautioned us about the bolts for the wall mount. He was right, we needed a different size than what we had from a previous TV mounted in the same spot. This is actually the 5th Vizio from Randy; 42″, 47″ 46″, 55″ & 70″ all have been working well with no problems. I think the difference is these are customer returns and not refurbished units that sometimes have issues not found during the refurbish process. I will keep referring family and friends.

  21. Troy Allen says:

    I’ve bought 5 TVs from randy have had no problems with any of them.
    He keeps his prices low lower than amazon! Offers a free one year warranty, and offers
    low prices on extended warranties as well. In my opinion its crazy to buy a TV anywhere else. Tell your family, tell your friends. hdtv4less is the only place to get your TV from!

  22. balada says:

    I like it when people get together and share views.
    Great blog, stick with it!

  23. JC Covalesky says:

    From Randy, I have purchased the following Vizio items;
    1 x 55″
    2 x 47″
    2 x 42″
    1 x 32″
    5 x Sound Bars (in addition to the free ones)
    2 x Blu Ray DVD
    Unfortunately, I moved to Northern California and I’m too far away. North San Diego County and South Orange County residents are lucky to have Randy’s “Garage of values” and No B.S. approach for Vizio products!

  24. Caleb says:

    Bought my 47″ wifi VIZIO two years ago and it’s been great. I’ll be buying another TV from this guy soon.

  25. Trevor says:

    Randy is awesome super knowledgeable and fair i recommend him for ALL your TV needs

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