Sound Bars

Vizio Sound Bars- I Carry Three Models of Vizio Soundbars. These are Vizio Factory Refurbished Soundbars and Carry a 6 Month Replacement Warranty. They come in the Vizio Factory Box with All the accessories.

VSB207-  Upgrade to premium audio with VIZIO’s Home Theater 32” Sound Bar. Its sophisticated design and slim profile make an attractive addition to any 32” TV and larger. This compact sound bar with integrated front and center channels also packs SRS WOW HD™ audio enhancement technology, adding exceptional clarity and definition to your music and movies. And setup has never been easier-just connect the included audio cable to your TV and indulge in powerful, immersive audio. SRS WOW HD™ delivers a more natural, immersive and realistic listening experience by creating a more expansive sound with deep enveloping bass and crisp detail. For More Info;                                                                                                     $49 Out The Door!

VSB200- Designed for home theater enthusiasts, this Sound Bar includes cutting edge sound technologies such as SRS TruSurroundHD™ for an enveloping sound experience and features such as four 3” high efficiency hand built mid/bass transducers and two ¾” high performance aluminum dome neodymium tweeters. The VSB200 is the perfect addition to your home theater and will give you the HD sound experience you’ve always desired. For More Info-                                                                      $49 Out The Door!

SB4021E-A0- An authentic home theater experience demands crystal-clear sound as immersive as your HDTV picture. VIZIO’s 40” 2.1 sound bar is crafted to fill any room with pitch-perfect audio that elevates all your favorite entertainment to a whole new level. With just a single cable required to connect this VIZIO sound bar, enjoying enhanced home theater audio has never been simpler. Each home theater system is designed for maximum ease with minimal clutter, even down to the wireless subwoofer of 2.1 surround sound models. VIZIO sound bars pack up to 101dB of room-filling sound and deep resonant bass into a small footprint, with less than 1% total harmonic distortion.2 Movies, games and music are enhanced with additional boosts from state-of-the-art SRS technologies to complete an unparalleled home theater audio experience. For More Info;                                                                                            $129 Out The Door!

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